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The Importance of Fiber Dietary fiber refers to indigestible parts of plant-based foods. Fiber is important for weight management, blood sugar regulation, cholesterol maintenance, and promotes a healthy balance of bacteria (our microbiome).

The goal is to have more than 30g OF FIBER A DAY.

Soluble vs. Insoluble fiber

Soluble fiber is known to decrease blood glucose levels and helps lower cholesterol.

Insoluble fiber helps maintain regularity and prevent constipation.

Foods high in fiber:

Artichokes (1 large) = 4.5g

Avocados (half avg. size= 2.8)

Blueberries (1cup=4g)

Brussel sprouts (¾ cups) =3g

Acorn Squash (1 cup= 10.8)

Pinto Beans (½ cup=8g)

Flaxseeds (1 tbsp=3g)

Split peas (½ cup= 6.7)

Whole wheat pasta (1 cup=5.7g)

Chia seeds (1 tbsp=5.5g)

Pears (1 medium=4g)

Oatmeal ( 1 cup cooked =4g)

Coconut (1 cup unsweetened=13g)

Lentils (1 cup=15.6g)

Peanuts ( ½ cup= 6g)

Apples (1 medium with skin=3.7g)

Figs (3, dried=10.5g)

Prunes ( dried ½ cup=6g)

Blackberries (1 cup= 7.6g)

Pinto Beans (1 cup=14.7)

Kidney beans ( ½ cup =6g)

Black beans (1 cup = 19.4g)

Black eyes peas ( ½ cup=8g)

Chickpeas ( ½ cup=6g)

Broccoli ( ¾ cup= 7g)

Spinach ( ½ cup cooked =7g)

Corn ( 1 med ear=5g)

Rye Flour (1cup=14.4g)

Yams (1 med with skin=6.8g)

Kellogg’s All-Brain (½ cup=10g

For a complete list of foods refer to: http://www.wehealny.org/healthinfo/dietaryfiber/fiberContentChart



High Fiber Low Glycemic Whole Grains

Kasha buckwheat (1cup cooked=9.6g) (No Gluten) • Quinoa (1 cup cooked= 5.2g) (No Gluten) • Bulgar (1 cup cooked=8.2g) • Ezekiel bread 4:9 Flax bread (1 slice = 4g) • Trader Joes Fiber Bread ( 1 slice=6g) • Barley (1 cup=6g)

Foods to avoid ( little or no fiber and high glycemic index)  White bread (1slice=.8g) • White rice (1 cup=.6g) Brown rice (1 cup=2.5g) NO BIG DEAL! • Baked goods made white refined flour (1/2cup=1.3g) *If you feel your diet needs more fiber, come by our office and try one of our fiber supplements. We carry Fiber Wise which consists of 12g of Dietary Fiber (10g of soluble fiber and 2g of soluble fiber).

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I can't express how much relief I feel, not only physically since Dr. Hummel eliminated my excruciating back pain, but mentally knowing that there is someone I can rely on to help me through these times of pain. I am so motivated now to move forward and better my life I can't thank him and his staff enough.

- Joseph McCauley / Brooklyn, NY

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Office Hours

Monday2 pm7 pm
Tuesday2 pm7 pm
Thursday2 pm7 pm
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Meet the Doctor

Meet Dr. Huml Dr. Huml is a renowned licensed Chiropractor and Nutritionist, sought-after lecturer, and published co-author, who believes in utilizing a holistic approach to people's health. He brings 35 years of healthcare experience to patients seeking health and well-being. The primary goal is to incorporate balanced and healthy living practices as part of your daily life. Dr. Huml has studied acupuncture and Chi Kung; both in here and in China, and his focus and recommendations in the office are clinical nutrition, chiropractic, Cranial Release Technique™, functional movement therapy and physical training,meditation, and mindfulness. He delivers a nation-wide, extremely effective health and wellness program focusing on lifestyle changes called 8 Weeks to Wellness.


430 79th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11209
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